Saturday, 21 April 2012


okay, so today was a little bit of a trampy day, i've had my hair cut, finally, it was getting way too thik and my hair was all piled up, but i bought these FAB eyelashes from my local market the other day, so they glammed me up a little..i've seen a lot of blogs mention OOTD, which i'm presuming is outfit of the day? please correct me if i'm wrong :')  i don't own a professional camera, nor pretend to take amazing photo's...and these we're taken on my laptop in bits because im in a very lazy mood today..but i promise future OOTD will be at least on my fairly decent camera phone :')
so here we are...

shorts-vintage levi's
completed this outfit with my beautiful purple docs :)

i hope your all well, and comment if i've misunderstood OOTD haha

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