Sunday, 22 April 2012

yay for 1st place!

hi :D
so my sister had a competition today, she does gymnastics, she's 13.
so a massive well done to 'our bel'
now, seen as this is only a baby blog, and i'm new to all this, not many of you will know what i'm like.
but i'm hoping the outift i wore today might give you more of an insight..especially compared to my last OOTD.
so here we are..
dress-George at asda
cardigan-George at asda
bag-new look
headband(white with cherries on)-newlook
Teamed with brogues.

so there we have it. my 'OOTD'
i must admit i'm a complete sucker for vintage style dresses..i love the 40's 50's look epecially.
this has to be one of my favourite 'vintage' dresses at the moment..a gorgeous pretty yellow number i bought from cow in sheffield..

and something i meant to post the other day..

i do level 3 fashion at rcat (rotherham college of arts and technology) and our last project was to put together/create an outfit fitting to a character from a book.
me and my partner/bestfriend, luke decided to do Cirque Du Freak.
if your not familiar with the book, it's about 2 young boys who end up by chance going to a freak show and getting caught up in the crazy world of a freak show...with some vampire troubles.
the books not that great if i'm honest, maybe to a younger audience...but personally it wasn't very...enthralling.
but we went ahead anyway, purely because of the circus idea.
luke wore skinny fit trousers with sequins running down the sides aith detailing on the back pocket, a white cut off shirt with a full sequinned collar with a fabulous tophat, whcih was sprayed a deep red with a gorgeous 2 ft feather attached with sequin detailing...
and i wore leather hotpants, a red off the shoulder top, a hooped skirt, stockings, suspender belt.
and a beautiful blonde wig :D
both outfits were designed and customized by me and luke, he designed and made mine and vice versa.
just a quick mirror shop at this was only for a presentation.
should be heading down a catwalk at the end of june :D
so more pictures will follow...

and i think thats quite enough for one day :')

Saturday, 21 April 2012


okay, so today was a little bit of a trampy day, i've had my hair cut, finally, it was getting way too thik and my hair was all piled up, but i bought these FAB eyelashes from my local market the other day, so they glammed me up a little..i've seen a lot of blogs mention OOTD, which i'm presuming is outfit of the day? please correct me if i'm wrong :')  i don't own a professional camera, nor pretend to take amazing photo's...and these we're taken on my laptop in bits because im in a very lazy mood today..but i promise future OOTD will be at least on my fairly decent camera phone :')
so here we are...

shorts-vintage levi's
completed this outfit with my beautiful purple docs :)

i hope your all well, and comment if i've misunderstood OOTD haha

Friday, 20 April 2012

Fall in love, now. NEED.

how BEAUTIFUL are these babies?  I have a thing for JC's but seen as i'm 1. a poor student 2. not married to some rich tycoon, the possibility of being able to afford any anytime soon is very very unlikely :(
so these gorgeous platform ankle boots will have to do. the SECOND these come back in a size 4 ( i have tiny feet i know ) i will be purchasing.
i mean considering i'm only 5 2" , i could do with the extra 6 inch...right?  thats my excuse for spending yet more of my vastly dwindling seasonal wages anyway...

Introduction time

So here we are, my first EVER blog post.
The rough idea of this blog is to post all the pretty shoes and outfit's that normally clog up my facebook..a place to hopefully share my love of shoes/cake with fellow bloggers :)
I thought an official introduction might help with people viewing my albeit rather empty blog, so here i am..